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Reclaim Your Health Academy 
Reclaim Your Health, Transform Your Life

Being a two-time cancer survivor has led me to this point in life where I must share my story and the actionable steps I have taken to reclaim my health and take my power back. Let’s rewrite your health and wellness story. If you have a fear of failing health, distrust your body, are frozen and stuck moving forward on your health journey, are confused and have no clue where to start, and want to learn about a holistic approach to health and healing to integrate into a new lifestyle. This program is for you. 

You will transform your health and life on a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic level. 

The live program starts January 8th 2024 - February 26th 2024!

Free Trial

The HHP Virtual Wellness Center is designed to help you learn the five buckets of holism and wellness as you educate and integrate small healthy habits throughout your day. These on-demand videos and self-paced courses are designed like having a health coach in your back pocket.  Sign up for a 5-day free trial of the Holistic Human Performance Virtual Wellness Center. Filled with meditations, breathwork, nutrition coaching, 5-minute resets, fitness and movement, holistic living, and cancer education.


Access to the video library, digital courses, live stream classes, and new lessons uploaded monthly.

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