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About Gena
Author Gena Bradshaw showcasing her new book and life story, A holstic healing journey through cancer.

Gena Bradshaw

Gena is the author of, "A Survivors Story," Founder of Holistic Human Performance, and a two-time cancer survivor. Gena’s journey led her through healing her fear of a cancer reoccurrence, sharing her story, and experience with others in hopes to inspire them to enhance their well-being. She has combined experience in the health, fitness, and wellness industry for over a decade, coaching others who may be fearful of degenerative disease and health adversities. As it combines with her knowledge of how to optimize your health through nutrition, exercise, affirmations, energy healing, sound healing, and meditation practices. Her hope is that her story inspires you to act and declare ownership of your healing and health journey because it is your birthright.

Owner of Holistic Human Performance

Coach at Bradshaw Personal Fitness

Author of "A Survivors Story:
A Holistic Healing Journey Through Cancer."

Holistic Human Performance Podcast

Creating more education for individuals on how to be the healthiest version of themselves through health, fitness and wellness.


Cancer Fear Freedom
The Sacred Connection Method

This is a self-paced course with 9 modules all about whole-body health and healing. The healing journey through cancer and after, and actionable steps you can take to thrive in your health and your life with peace.  INCLUDED with the course access to the monthly Cancer Survivor Support Group.

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Sign up for a 5-day free trial of the Holistic Human Performance Health & Wellness Curriculum. Filled with meditations, nutrition tips, class replays, fitness and movement videos, self-paced courses, and wellness education. 

A Holistic Healing Journey Through Cancer
by Gena Bradshaw

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A Survivors Story
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"What is most important is you can take care of yourself, nurture yourself and live out your purpose in this life."


Gena Bradshaw reading her book- A Survivors Story
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