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Reclaim Your Health,
Transform Your Life

Heal your Mind, Body, and Soul

Join the community of thrivers who want to heal & be the best version of themselves.

Learn holistic tools and modalities like meditation, energy healing, exercise, nutrition and more to take your power back when it comes to your health and life.

Hi! I'm

Gena Bradshaw

I am a holistic health and energy coach, author, speaker, and two time cancer survivor that has experienced loss of health. This windy journey has brought me to the other side of being able to help others thrive in their health and lives through a holistic approach, things we are not taught growing up. The combination of science and spirituality has changed my life and I want to share that with the collective. I have been in the health, fitness, and wellness industry for over a decade, and am always continuing to educate and integrate what I learn to help others. My goal is to continue to build this community of individuals who want to take their power back when it comes to their health, no matter where you are on your journey. After all it is your birthright. 


✶ B.S. Exercise Science

✶ Certified Function Strength Coach

✶ Functional Movement Screen Practitioner

✶ Precision Nutrition Coach

✶ Reiki Practitioner

✶ IET Practitioner

✶ Sound Healer Practitioner

✶ Natural Medicine & Homeopathy Certified

✶ Author

✶ Public Speaker 

Gena About


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Free 15-minute Coaching Call

Let's get to know each other and see how I can help and guide you down the path of the healthiest version of yourself.

"What is most important is you can take care of yourself, nurture yourself and live out your purpose in this life."


5-Day Free Trial

The HHP Virtual Wellness Center is designed to help you learn the five buckets of holism and wellness as you educate and integrate small healthy habits throughout your day. These on-demand videos and self-paced courses are designed like having a health coach in your back pocket.  Sign up for a 5-day free trial of the Holistic Human Performance Virtual Wellness Center. Filled with meditations, breathwork, nutrition coaching, 5-minute resets, fitness and movement, holistic living, and cancer education.


Access to the video library, digital courses, live stream classes, and new lessons uploaded monthly.

A Holistic Healing Journey Through Cancer
by Gena Bradshaw

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Daily Journal

Self-discovery, Gratitude, and Growth

by Gena Bradshaw

Transform your life with the power of journaling, and set your day with daily affirmations, gratitude, and how you are feeling each day. This journal is used to help you navigate an intentional life and to set the tone for your desires, growth, and transformation of your life in every aspect.

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This is a wellness space to educate individuals about holism, the connection between mind, body, and soul to thrive in their health and lives. Whole body health and healing.

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