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Enjoy my Holistic Favs

Thrive in Your Health + Life

These are the products and tools I personally use, have assisted me on a huge level in my health and healing journey, and I absolutely love. 

I will update this often and add more to the list.

Affiliate Disclaimer: Since I’m such a huge fan of fully transparent brands, I wanted to make it clear that if you make a purchase using these links, I will make a small commission (at no additional cost to you) which helps to support the work that I do.

Gourmend Foods Low FODMAP:

Juna Gut + Brain Supplements:


Queen of the Thrones Castor Oil Packs:

Mary Ruth Organics Supplements:

Beljanski Supplements (Supplements for Cancer/Overall Wellness, I discuss these in my book A Survivors Story):

Redefine Meals, Meal Prep + Nutrition Consultation:

Rollga Foam Rollers:

Pranamat Acupressure Mat:

Essential Oil Infusions:

View their shop, $100 Discount:


View their shop, 15% Off Code:


Athletic Wear, 10% Off:

Holistic Skincare & Beauty, 15% Off:

Need more 1:1 support on your health and healing journey?


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